Get fresh boiled peanuts or green peanuts stuffed into your mailbox like magic if you order from the
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on this website and live in the USA !
We only ship peanuts pulled fresh from the boiler. You receive the exact product as if you had just stopped at an authentic southern roadside expert boiled peanut stand. We do tend to question anyone who is not actually operating at least one stand themselves. Why wouldn't they be?  Also, don't be taken in by those selling canned or shrink wrapped or without any 'juice' (water) included in the peanuts.  Your grocer may be selling these, and with no shipping charges. Look for these on Ebay also.  These are NOT the same.  Anyone selling these do not understand, or may have never even tasted genuine freshly boiled peanuts.
We are not the cheapest boiled peanuts on the net,  but we ARE the ones with the taste you remember .
Here is a system developed that will not just get freshly boiled peanuts to you safely, but while they still have that fantastic flavor so hard to find on the web and will bring you back to this site again !  If done professionally, boiled peanuts will not lose flavor when flash frozen in their own juices. This is one of the musts to retain that flavor you remember. We pull them directly from the boiler when their perfect, flash freeze them into an insulated box then priority mail them directly to you. They are often still partially frozen or cold when you get them. Ideal for bringing them to pefection by boiling just a few short minutes.  There is absolutely no difference in the taste our roadside stand customers return again and again for.
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    The majority of peanuts grown in the United States are dried before being processed then sold to packaging, processor and feed companies, with most ending up as peanut butter. The bulk of whats left winds up in candy or as roasted peanuts,also known as parched, salted and unsalted. There are however, a niche of consumers who have discovered the joys of the peanut before it is dried. These are your boiled peanut fans. Although a dried peanut can still be called raw, it cannot be termed green. Only peanuts fresh from the ground have that honor, albiet the peanut is not actually green in color.

    Green peanuts are often not easy to locate as they are perishable and must be refridgerated or frozen  whereas dried peanuts have a shelf life of literally months. Left at room temperature a green peanut will begin to deteriorate within just a week or two. They also have a relatively short season making them even more rare and perhaps more sought after by those who have developed a taste for genuine southern boiled peanuts. Boiling green peanuts insures maximum flavor for the boiled peanut fan. 

     Consumers of boiled peanuts much prefer fresh green peanuts or frozen green peanuts brought back to a boil, rather than some type of dried or canned boiled peanuts.  Freezing does not seem to harm the flavor at all.  Roadside vendors are where most Americans were first introduced to boiled peanuts, and it was probably in either Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama or South Carolina. South Carolina has even declared the boiled peanut its official state snack, thanks to Govenor Mark Sanford in 2006.
We miss you Katie,and will always love you

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Ever heard some say "Ewww,why would anyone boil peanuts?" Well at our roadside stands in South Carolina we do and all the time. Usually it's someone from New Jersey or Ohio or some other far away distant land. 
   We think they might be confused by the nut at the end of the word Peanut. What idiot would boil a macadamia or maybe a cashew? 
   Truth is these are not nuts these are beans just like pintos or garbanzos or pole. We would like to ask..."How do you cook these?" Of course you boil them. We highly recommend these folks stop depriving themselves of the best tasting boiled bean (lagume) out there. The delicious world famous boiled peanut! 
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You just found the real boiled peanuts you remember.
​                                        NOTE:
There are many new 'online' boiled peanut sellers. However.
unless your buying from a company that actually incorporates 'ROADSIDE STANDS' there's some possibility you may not get what's expected. Our thought
on this is why wouldn't they be?
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